Girl's Rugby 7s

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Hustle and Heart set us apart.


In 2017, we formed the first ever all-girls Rugby 7s team at Surfers Paradise Dolphins. Since then, our teams have won plenty of games and learnt lessons from the ones we have lost– but no one is counting, and we’re not playing for sheep stations! The great thing about Girls Rugby 7s at Surfers Dolphins is every player gets plenty of time on the field to grow (even 17-year-old beginners).

Some of our teammates had never touched a Rugby ball before, some have played in a boys team since U6, and some were born with rugby in their blood – their dad proudly watching them donning the green and gold as a second or third generation Dolphin. But, we all LOVE the game and know we will always be part of this Rugby Family.


Why Play Rugby 7s?



Feeling part of a team encourages strong friendships outside school groups and helps develop social skills.


Healthy competition teaches girls to appreciate differences in teammates and to respect their coaches, opponents and referees.


Rugby 7s is a fast-paced game of skill. It suits boys and girls of all shapes and sizes and helps build strength, stamina and coordination.


Rugby 7s helps develop both physical fitness and concentration through regular training and learning strategic game plays.


Coaches, managers, older players and ex-players are an excellent source of positive inspiration for impressionable young players.


Girls love it! And, parents love watching their children gain confidence and motivation through healthy competition.

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